__Housing for a nuclear family__ A prefab housing module, ergonomically designed around the spiral stair, with stacked living spaces and services.
__The Orbital Trail__ A response to the Mayor proposal to turn London into a National Park. This woodland trail, circling london, connects existing greenspace, to form a new borough of woodland.
__Swawou School__ Volunteering with Orkidstudio, I helped build a school in Sierra Leone, for 120 local girls. It has since been voted the best School in Sierra Leone, on national radio!
__Printmaking__ I am passionate about printmaking, etching in particular. My experimental work is currently being published in ‘The Printing Ideas Book’, by Frances Stanfield and Lucy McGeown.
__nHouse__ A highly technical, fully CLT, contemporary House, fabricated in 4 to 7 separate modules. Whilst working for nHouse I helped design and fully detail the first and second prototype.
__Housing for a nuclear family__ An illustration, showing how a series of individual bedrooms, might adjoin a single, shared, living space.
__Parametric City__ By collecting data on our demands for food, energy, material and space, I scripted an algorithm for a parametric city, shown in this render, mirrored within a forest.
__Berry__ A restoration and fit-out project I managed for Studio RHE. Transforming a decrepit Victorian industrial building into a 900sqm photography studio.
__ZeroCubed__ A large housing unit model, for an off grid, zero carbon, zero waste, zero emission, community. Including raised walkways with pneumatic delivery tubes beneath.
__The Gramophone Works__ During my time at Studio RHE, I was part of a team of three, that designed and tendered one of the largest timber buildings in the UK, The Gramophone Works.
__Boathouse__ A proposal to convert a 19th century Thames Sailing Barge into a three bed houseboat. To be moored outside William Morris’s Listed Georgian house.
__Grangetown Community Centre__ A concept image, exploring colour and nature, as a means to bring together the diverse and segregated community, of Grangetown, Cardiff.
__Shed on an Island__ A sketch render from a feasibility study, for a small self sufficient cabin, on a small island in Sunbury.
__Palatino__ Whilst at Studio RHE, I worked on Fora Clerkenwell, and designed the Palatino Restaurant and bar.
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